Digital Flashlight Clock
Digital Flashlight Clock
Digital Flashlight Clock

Digital Flashlight Clock


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Although it seems easy enough to use your cell phone as an alarm clock when you're traveling, you can run into issues abroad when you're trying to avoid turning on your phone so you don't rack up international data charges. You also have to remember to plug in the adapter each night so your phone doesn't die and you don't miss your morning tour, or worse, your flight back home. Instead of trying to deal with all of that, this digital flashlight clock gives you a way to keep track of time easily.

While this displays the time, it also displays the date and day of the week, which can be helpful after you've passed through multiple time zones. It also lets you know the temperature of your room so you can adjust the thermostat based on the actual temperature.

With a built-in loud 110dB alarm, you can be rest-assured you'll wake up on time. You can also choose from 8 different alarm tones depending on your personal preferences or whether you want to set certain alarms for certain events, such as dinnertime, scuba diving practice, etc. It includes snooze and stopwatch functions and even a birthday reminder.

The large digital display is easy to read, and the backlight allows you to see the time even in the dark. The base can be used as a flashlight so you can navigate in unfamiliar places without waking everyone else up by turning on the lights.

Multiple features make this digital flashlight clock something you'll want to use both on trips and at home.