Pac Safe Transit Women's RFID Travel Vest

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Product Overview

The Transit vest has hidden pockets for your phone, passport, wallet and more, with RFIDsafe™ material to shield your personal details against unwanted scans. Insulated lining keeps things warm yet lightweight, made with water-repellent material and can pack into a comfy travel pillow.


The Transit vest is made to keep travel simple. Made with six smartly designed pockets to reach travel items quickly, with RFID blocking material to keep passport or credit cards. Made with Bluesign® approved Clomax Brio insulation, a partially plant based polymer, for performance and moisture-wicking for long-time wear. Whether flying, commuting, or for everyday use, the Transit vest will keep you moving.


RFIDsafe™ blocking pockets and material

Made with Bluesign® approved Clomax Brio insulation

Moisture wicking for performance and long wear

Water repellant material

In-ear headphones pocket

Glasses pocket

Pen pocket

Smartphone pocket

Tablet pocket

Wallet pocket





2.0 lbs